Historically Low Interest Rates, Favorable Prices and a Wide Choice of Inventory. 2011 is a Great Time to Buy!


 The Buying Process

Do you have current knowledge of The Real Estate Market, Conditions and Trends?  As an Accredited Buyer's Agent, I bring Experience, Contacts and Sources of Information necessary to get the job done right and as smoothly and stress free as possible. I will work diligently and professionally to assist in not only finding your new home but making sure you have the information you need to complete a successful transaction and move into a home you will love.

Pre- Approval

It is important to determine your buying power, defined as your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. This will keep your search goals realistic and also provide additional negotiating power when you do make an offer on a property. Most offers today must be submitted with a pre-approval letter. I can recommend lenders who are honest, competitive, professional and ethical. The buying process is difficult enough today without having a lender provide you with false information or make promises they cannot keep.   

Property Selection

I will help you create a wish list that will focus your search on properties that meet your requirements and budget. By targeting your search, we can work together to find your home quickly. I will provide objective information about the home and area you choose to make sure you are making a well informed decision today, and for future resale. Only you can make the final decision, but with in-depth and pertinent information, your choice will be the right one for you!


Preparing an offer is much more detailed than just deciding on a price. There are many issues that need to be discussed, and contingencies added to a purchase contract in order to protect you prior to closing, at closing and during your ownership of the property you choose. Terms, conditions, financing, inspections, possession and title insurance are just a few items to be considered when submitting and negotiating an offer. I will assist in establishing your priorities, and make sure the final agreements are acceptable to you.

Fulfilling the Purchase Contract

The acceptance of an offer is only the beginning of a process of steps and challenges required to make it to the closing table. Inspections, review of neighborhood documents, appraisals, loan commitment … require attention and in many cases legal forms and processes to complete. I will make sure we complete the correct forms and meet the required time limits. I will recommend inspectors and other professionals that will objectively assist you in understanding problems or issues and provide insight and solutions available to you.


Actually making it to the closing and successfully completing a transaction is challenging these days. It is important to make sure all the documents have been fully executed prior to, and at closing. I will make sure you have reviewed the required documents and are fully satisfied prior to signing for your new home at the closing table.